Monday, May 6, 2013

Blog Post #15

Reading my first blog post was really funny. It seemed like I wrote that ages ago. As I sit and imagine my classroom my thoughts have changed a little. I want my class room to be interesting and unique. I believe I will have a lot of project based learning. I will incorporate blogs and google docs. I want my students tho be able tho think for themselves and actually learn the information not just as Dr. Strange says burp it back. I will be teaching social sciences at the high school level.

I want my students to be excited everyday they walk into my class. I want them to sit and stir with excitement thinking about what they will be doing today. As I stated in my first blog post I am a hands on learner so I want my kids to be hands on. I know now how to make that happen in my classroom thanks to EDM310.

As I said earlier blogging will be apart of my class. This will be very helpful for my students to hear from great professors and scholars around the world about history or psychology. I would also like for my students to do a imovie project explaining their research on a certain topic they were assigned.

I also am thinking about having group learning in my class. I have had several group based learning classes and they are awesome. Some might think this will cause some people to be lazy but I have found it gets the students out of their shell and working with other students. As I think about my future it gets me really pumped to be a teacher.

project #13

EDM310 has shown and taught me how to use technologies I have hardly used. The biggest thing it taught me was how to collaborate. That is one of the very first things that we learn is how to communicate between other classmates. Yes we learned how to use Skype, twitter, pintrest, and blogger but i was pretty familiar with how to use those tools. The best technologie I can pull from EDM is Google docs. Google docs. has everything displayed right in front of you. it saves so much time. Google drive is also great you can share documents back and forth. Google docs. is defiantly something I will be taking into my professional carrier.

For project#15, My group used google drive and email to get our ibook complete.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project 15


Ava talked about the different competitions you can do with horses. She talked about the different types and breeds. She also talked about the different types of markings
Ava Great post. I have a cousin that do show jumping. She is a sight to see when she gets out there. I use to train cutting horse. Do you know what that is? Its a event at American rodeos. You are very knowledgeable about horse i was very impressed. Keep up the awesome work. Stephen

Final PLN

Symbaloo is the biggest part of my PLN. It helps me to keep everything organized. That is no small feat. I keep all of my personal stuff in one section and everything that i use for school in another. One day soon I will be making a third section for teaching. I never really used the internet other then to get on facebook before this class. Now I am using twitter, pintrest, youtube, blogger, and yes I still use facebook but I use it more effectively. Symbaloo is a life saver when is comes to organization.

C4T #4

Summary #1

The blogger talks about Google chrome. He uses it to keep his personal account on his computer separate from his students account. This allows them all to use the same computer.

A very informing post. I am still currently a student in college this will help me a lot once I get my own class. Thank you for the post.

Summary #2

The blogger talks about the three basic principles in teaching students new skills. To know, To understand, and to be able to. He say if the students know and understand what they are suppose to do then they will be able to.


Great way of outlining to the kids what they should pick up at practice. I plan to use this a lot at football.

Blog Post #14

E-readerTeachers know if you have done the E-reading is about teachers being able to track if you are actually doing the readings or not. A few colleges and schools are starting to use this device for E-books. It allows the teacher to see if the student is actually reading the material assigned and actually learning. It is designed to let the teacher know if there were any software problems so that the students cant give a excuse.

As a teacher the idea of being able to see what your students are doing is great. After all the whole idea of education is to learn and retain knowledge. Its a great way to see who is putting in the time and effort into their studies and who is just going through the motions. The best feature to me as a teacher is the fact that it lets you know when there is a problem with the system. This helps me as a teacher to knockout all of the excuses.

As a student I am not a big fan. I think it is to big brother. I personally don't want my teacher checking up on me to see if i have been doing the readings. Students learn differently some kids just cant learn from reading out of a book. They have to see, hear, and smell in order to learn. Its not the teachers job to babysit students. When I am away from class the teacher has no control over what I do and don't do away from class.

How do other teachers feel about this?
What do you do if you have a student that is dyslexic?
Do it make your job as a teacher easier or harder?

As a college student I think this hinders the education process. We are after all in college we pay to learn so we are responsible for the grades we make. If we have instructors always on us the we wont really be learning. Once we get out into the work force our boss isn't gonna stay on us about how we are handling our work or even if we are doing it. It is up to us as students to put in the time and effort after all we are paying for it. At some point we have to grow up and buckle down that's our responsibility as students not our teachers.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

C4K March

Anna................A man by the name Philip Gans? Spoke at her school he was a Holocaust surviver. He talked to them about how his family was killed and what went on in the camp.
Anna,great post.
My name is Stephen Alexander I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I’m sure that Mr. Gan’s talk was very moving. It’s amazing to think like you said even though his whole family was killed he chose to live. Very moving!
Thank you for sharing!!! Alex
The post was about the state of Nebraska. Talked about different streets, museums, and hills. The student also talked about the mant rivers that the state had.
Great Post Alex. I learned so much about Nebraska from your post. Thanks for sharing about your awesome state. Keep up the good work

Progress Report on Final Project

Our group name is Avengers and the members it includes are:
Shelby Day
Stephen Alexander
Laura Carpenter
We are going to do Option A: iBook.
We are using a theme that iBook already had in it. We chose not not use a theme with pictures included already so that the pictures do not interfere or take away from our iBook. We will be including many of the requirements for EDM 310 including but not limited to blog post, project, special blogs, and more.

Blog Post #13

quiver of arrows

Brian Crosby
In Mr. Crosby's talk he showed the importance of social network learning. He made very good point on the fact that schools have to stop teaching kids for the soul purpose of good standardized test scores. We have all be taught how to be taught but we haven't been taught how to learn. We should teach kids how to learn and be self reliant when it comes to learning. That's whats so great about social networking. We can open so many doors just by the click of a button. We have to teach kids not shuffle them through school.
Blended Learning Cycle
In Mr.Paul Anderson video Blended Learning Cycle He discusses the way that he engages his students. His blended learning system has six parts that spells quivers. The "QU" is the question or the hook something that grabs the students attention. The "I" is investigate experiments to solve the question. The "V" is for video he uses pod cast for direct instructions. The "E" is elaboration get them to research and expand on the question. The "R" is for review at the end he meets with individual student's to make sure that they understand the lesson. The "S" is for summary quiz. They take a quiz on what they have learned.
I think the blended learning system is great. The thing I like most about it is pod cast instructions. This allows more time in the classroom for actual learning and instructions. I think Mr. Anderson method is a work of art. The thing I liked most was the fact that he took the time with the students to review to make sure that they knew the information and that he has the students explain the material. just like he said "you haven't actually learned the material unless you can explain it".

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blog Post #12


Watch the video Social Media in Education . Write two or more paragraphs telling your thoughts about the video and how you what you will take from the video into your classroom.


I thought the video was very informational. It gave great insight into what kids are actually thinking about learning and what they actually use for education. These students were born into the age of technology. They don't know anything else but technology. It was crazy the number of hours students used on the internet. what's even crazier then that is the fact that in all reality the hours are much greater. Student's don't go to books any more for information they go to the internet.
Since these students are being born into the age of technology why would we limit their learning with pencil, paper, and books. My class is going to be full of technology based learning. My students will keep blogs and make videos for projects. Even though I will be teaching history this will be very beneficial for my student's. The can keep a blog and write about the research they have done for the week on a specific topic. Their videos will have to do with a historical event that they will be reenacting. This is how i plan on keeping my students engaged in learning and preparing them for the future.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

C4T Summary #3

1.Jason had read Jon Bergman's blog regarding the flipped teaching model in the classroom. Where the students would get the lectures and plans from the computer at home. Since he is a P.E. teacher he decided to use this same idea for his class. They would get videos on how to play certain games and the rules of those game from their home computer.

I love the idea of flipping P.E. I am a student at the University of South Alabama in a class called EDM 310. I coach at a local high school and some of the coaches are P.E.teachers. We had a conversation last week about ways to teach kids more efficiently and couldn't seem to find a solution, well I believe I have just found it! Great Post. Stephen Alexande

There wasnt a follow up post. So I commented on the post before that.

2. Jason talks about flipping coaching. Using a app called the "coaches eye". This would allow players to watch video footage on a new play or drill that they need to know for practice. They would be able to watch this video away from practice or school. This would allow more time to run the play or drill at practice.
I love this idea!! I coach at a local highschool and we are about to start spring practice. During spring a lot of new kids come out wanting to play. A lot of time is wasted on showing the drill instead of performing it. This could cut down on wasted time. Thank you for sharing

C4K summary

1.Ms. Vannoy's class addison.... dad loves her he is the best.Hey Addison,
My name is Stephen and I am a Student at the University South Alabama. I can tell that you love your dad very much. I love my dad too. Even though I am older now, he is still always their for me no matter what! As I am sure your dad will also there for you. Thank you for sharing. Stephen Alexander

2. Mrs macs class Allie.......Most owl mothers lay one to twelve eggs. Baby owls are called owlets. Baby owls use their beaks to break out of eggs.Some owls can live to be 30 years old or more.
Allie, Thank you for the post. I had no idea baby owl were call owlets. I do learn something new everyday. Stephen Alexande

3.Alexa, Watched a video that shows how intelligent autistic people can be. She wanted to know more about how they learned to spell.
Alexa, Great post. It was put together very well and was very clear. I agree with you how it better that they used the word “intelligent” instead of smart. I help coach football at a local high school and one of our players is autistic. And he is very intelligent when it comes to sports. He knows every little detail about every team known to man. Great post thank you for sharing once again

Blog Post #11

technology in the class
Ms. Cassidy

Ms. Cassidy's class really caught me off guard. It was amazing to see first grade students using technology at such a young age. On the class video the students were talking about how they use technology to learn the alphabet and find meanings to words. I thought that was so cool. They have a larger grasp on knowledge than I did at that age. I know I didn't really start using technology for learning purposes until high school. It's great that they are learning so young. Technology almost becomes a part of them, and they will be more likely to learn new things about technology as they arise. Since I will be teaching high school I will probably stick to Blogs, twitter and webpages. It will still teach my students how to safely use these tools. I will inform them in class these tools are strictly for class work. Outside of class they can do as they please. Ultimately they are young adults and will try to see what they can get away with. Using PLN for anything other then class work during class time will result in a grade deduction. I love that technology is being introduced into the class room at such a young age. My hope is that more teachers will by into this and it allows the upper level teachers to get into more with the students instead of starting at square one.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Smart board Project #14

Blog Post #10

best pencil

1. From what I can gather from other students comments on this cartoon and reading a few of Mr.Spencer blog post. I conclude that he isn't talking about different types of pencils he talking about about different types of computers Mac's and PC's to be exact. I think he is poking fun at the two companies and how people a line themselves with either or. In the end they are both computers they both do the same things one is just more expensive. I think that is the point he is trying to get across with the two pencils. One is cheaper and one is more expensive but they both write with led and do the same thing.

2. Why Were Your Kids Playing Games? This post really hit me. I never expected a principle to be that closed minded. All his principle was worried about was cramming the kids full of information for the standardized test. It didn't seem to me that he really cared about the kids retaining the knowledge or being engaged. Even though he found out his principles disapproval of educational games he knew that the kids were learning more from the games then just force feeding information. So he told his principle that he would "we'll create an algorithm factory and integrate it into our Conflict-Oriented Reading and Writing Project."I laughed because I could just see the principles face being full of agreement not knowing that he was going to keep engaging his students. I believe Mr. Spencer is telling us that sometimes you have to take risk.

Dr. Mcleod
I agree with Dr. Mcleod. Even though he was being very sarcastic in his post, still some people still feel that way about technology. He does a great job at making those people sound foolish, after all it is kinda foolish to have that point of view. As educators we must be able to change with the times and adapt. That is the only way our future students are going to have a chance at being successful. If we still teach our students that pen and paper are still the only way to go they won't be prepared to take college courses where most of the work deals with online material much less in a workplace where ever job these day's has something to do with technology. That is why we must teach our students how to properly use this new technology.Dr. Mcleod I recognized as one of the nation’s leading academic experts on K-12 school technology leadership issues. serving as the Director of Innovation for Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency 8 in Iowa.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

blog post #9

At The Teacher's Desk is a great tool that I am going to include in my (PLN) just like Dr. Strange. I believe that Mr.Joe McClung was lucky to be able to work a long side Mr. William Chamberlain. These two men represent what teaching is all about. They inspire their kids to be great. They also push themselves to be great. I will most certainly be reading At The Teachers Desk on a regular basis. I think its a great idea to write a blog post like Mr.Joe McClung, it allows us to see the progress that we as teachers have made.

After reading Mr. McClung volume-4 post I was amazed. He honestly took the time when he was writing his blog post to evaluate himself. I honestly thought he might talk himself up a little but he didn't. It goes to show that it doesn't take long foe teachers to lose their spark and creativity for teaching. We have to be aware of that as teachers and make the decision to not get in a rut. I love the fact that he is challenging himself with something new. I intend on challenging my self in every way possible in order to become the best. Yes it might be difficult and hard trying something new but in the end its worth it for the students.

I decided to read the post at the end of his third year as a teacher. He makes a great point that he spends some of his time trying to please the people that are over and around him. He knows that it is important to be in good standings with his Superiors but he makes the point that pleasing them shouldn't be our main priority that the kids are. If we focus to much on pleasing people the kids will start to suffer there has to be a balance to pleasing.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

C4T Summery

Summery #1
The Principle is talking about a success story a teacher told her about his class. The foreign language teacher states that he was frustrated that his students weren't able to learn certain vocabulary words. He knew that he had to think of something new. He came up with the idea for each word to have a movement. The class bought into the idea 100%. After this new learning strategy was deployed it only took the students one day to learn the whole list. He came to the conclusion, when students are having fun they are more likely to learn.
Thanks for sharing! I am a student at The University Of South Alabama in a course called edm310. I am going to school to become a teacher. This story really speaks to me, I travel to Guatemala twice a year and when I first started going I didn’t know how to speak a bit of Spanish. I learned what to say and when to say it through movement also. I think its a great way to get kids involved and moving around during the learning process. Thank you for sharing once again. Stephen Alexander

Summery #2
The principle is talking about a seminar that she gave. She states that she had a problem with making it around and observing all of the schools classroom. She said when she would make it to a classroom it was difficult for her to turn it into a meaningful visit. She points out the fact that it is important as a principle to give feed back to teachers on what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong in order for the best possible learning environment. She started using her Google docs in order to give immediate feed back to her teachers.
I think a lot of people had the thought “why didn’t I think of that” pop up in their head’s while they were reading your post. I know I did. I am still in school at this moment and I do not plan on becoming a principal. I do think as a future teacher this is great. “Lightening fast” feed back means “lightening fast” changes. Thank you for the post Stephen Alexander

Blog Post #8

Dr. Miller

Watching Richard Miller: This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2 kind of caught me off guard. I was expecting him to talk about something else. It was a little difficult to follow what he was saying at first, because he had a lot if information come up on the screen and i wasn't sure what he was talking about. He then started using a program that helped the viewers follow along. I agree with everything that he said in the video about how we have to change along with technology. If we don't we are going to become the obsolete device.

If we as educators are going to provide our students with the latest and greatest knowledge and technology, we are going to have to build our curriculum around said technology.If we as educators fail to adapt to the technology we have already hindered our students. There has to be a base line that is set. Then going above that line is key in order for those students to be educated individuals in this technology rich world.

Multimedia doesn't scare me. I am a very competitive person and so naturally I like to win. I look at multimedia and technology as getting ahead of the game. That's how I intend on explaining it to my students. I believe that my students wouldn't have a problem learning how to write with multimedia. How can I be so sure? I believe it is all in how a student is taught, if the instructor is knowledgeable and interesting then the students will buy into what I am trying to tech them.

Carly's Blog Post #12

Talk about having your mind blown. You can tell that she is excited to become a educator. Also that she is a overachiever. Which is a great thing to be. All of the links that she provided were more the helpful. I think videos are a great way to learn new information. I myself enjoy it because I learn better with seeing and hearing information then just reading it. I think she is right on track with Dr. Miller's multimedia guide. I like how she goes through and does the assignment for herself and explains that she did that because good teachers teach by example. She also talks about improving assignments which I think is great because with everything we do there is always something that could have of been done better.


I thought this video was great. It's sad to say but I really could relate. When I first started college I was the worst at procrastination. I thought and felt the same way as Chipper. Also on the fist day of class when Dr. Strange told us we would be teaching ourselves I was kind of mad because I had the "Teach me so I don't have to learn" mentality. I soon learned how thankful I was for Dr. Strange making us learn on our own. I found myself learning and retaining knowledge. The "Teach me so I don't have to learn" mentality will get you no where fast. In today's society you will have to learn on your own, and will need a degree in order to succeed.

EDM310 For Dummies

I loved the over kill in this video. I'm sure many people really do feel that way. I know I did. Coming into this class I knew that it would be time consuming. I found that out from friends that have already taken EDM. The class itself really isn't that hard it just takes time. If you do a little work on each assignment each day the stress is cut down significantly.I think this video should be shown on the first day of class so students are able to realize how to handle the class.

Learn To Change, Change To Learn

This video hits the nail on the head. Student's are exposed to technology 24/7. They are already engaging in social media such as facebook and twitter. They point out the fact to what if they were engaged with people at M.I.T. or Harvard. They make a great point. What if instead of teacher's worrying so much about keeping technology out of the classroom they simply let it in. This would allow teachers to teach students how to use technology for educational purposes. Give the students a chance to learn how to properly use technology. The fact of the matter is technology is here and is here to stay. The only choice is to get with the program and keep up with technology so we can prepare our students to be successful.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project #9

First Post: A Summery of your progress in developing your PLN.

PLN's are great. The PLN that I use is Symbaloo. It is a great tool to keep me organised. It is simple to organize things. I have all the things I need for school such as blogger, twitter, and google in one section. In the other I have recreational things like Facebook, My personal twitter account, and youtube. I am very happy I decided to use this tool. I am looking forward to using symbaloo as a tool to help me connect with different people around the world.

Project #8

Blog Post #7

Randy Pausch
Randy Pausch's

In Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. He starts off by telling everyone that his father always told him if there is a elephant in the room then talk about it. Then he showed the audience his medical scans. In the scans you can see that his body is over run with cancer, he also points that out. Then it hit me, this is actually his last lecture. Right from the start you could see the passion that he had for learning and teaching. You didn't see a "dying man" with less than six months to live. You saw a educator who loved life. Talk about being inspired!

Pausch talks about his childhood dreams and how he was able to make most of them a reality, So he decided to help other people make their dreams come true. This is exactly the reason I want to become a teacher. I want to inspire kids to "reach for the stars". Just like Pausch, I don't take life to seriously. I enjoy finding the good in everything. That is why I wanna teach my students in fun creative ways. Pausch talks about how kids don't mind learning something hard when it is fun. Yes this is off the wall for most schools. I think our school system's are to focused on feeding kids information for test and not really concerned if they have truly retained the information. In the video Pausch puts on a vest will arrows sticking out the back and says "If you are going to do anything pioneering you will get arrows in your back. In the end wouldn't it be worth it though? Yes.

I want my students to come out of my classroom with knowledge. I will stress to them that, Yes they will make mistakes and screw up sometimes and I will correct them on it. But give them this great line from Pausch's video that says, "when you screw up and nobody says anything to you anymore, it means they have given up". I want them to know that correction isn't a bad thing. I am correcting them because I care. All of that falls back onto what Pausch said when he tells the audience to think about how you say things. As a teacher when I am Speaking to or correcting a student I must think about how I say things. It will do that student no good if I speak to them with a attitude, even if it is the 100th time they have screwed up. Pausch says it best when he says, " Find the best in everybody no matter how long you have to wait for them to show up.

As a new teacher I know I will have a few "brick walls" to go through as I start out. I am exited to see how my students react when I blow their minds with awesomeness! They will quickly learn this will not be their typical class of writing notes and listening to me talk. They will see that learning can be fun and exiting. I know as I start off my teaching career I will be learning as much from my students as they will be learning from me. Pausch point that out, That we should learn from our students. Also that brick walls let us show our determination. Pausch was a awesome educator, if everyone viewed learning and teaching as he did nothing would seem impossible. Even being Caption Kirk.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Project #10

Finding the right tool

I will be teaching Social Sciences at the High school level. I found a great tool called Celly. It allows students to comment on a particular subject so the teacher can know if that comprehend the information or not. The great thing about celly is that the students don't know who is comment. It prevents the students from being shy or standoffish because the are fearful that other students will make fun of them. It also allows the teacher to talk to the students personally without the teacher giving out his/her number.

I will be using this technology in my class, so that I can give those students who need one on one time out side of the classroom the time they need. Thank you for assigning this Dr.Strange, without it I doubt I would've ever found this awesome tool.

Blog Post #6

21st century student
The Network Student

In the movie The Networked Student we see a 21st century student. He goes to class three days a week and two days online. His teacher almost never lectures, She teaches connectivism. She in powers her students to go out and learn and connect through social networking cites. The student spends time setting up his own social networking cite and finding valid websites. He spends time doing his own research and posting it to sharing cites. The question is raised at the end of the move, "why does the student even need the teacher"? The narrator says that she offers guidance when he gets stuck, shows him how to properly communicate, how to determine if the information is accurate, and how to get excited when he finds good information.

I believe there are positives and negatives in this movie. First the positive. I think it is a great teaching tool to have students connect with other people through social networking cites. It is a creative way to get the student involved in learning and making them take some of the initiative in their education. I believe it makes the students feel empowered. Almost like "hey I found that information myself, I didn't need the teachers help"! It gives them a sense of independence.

The negative side to the film is the teacher. Yes I understand that the teacher is trying to show her students how to learn on their own, but I feel the teacher in the film isn't having to put much effort into teaching. In the video it says that "He goes to class three days a week and two days online. His teacher almost never lectures". So what does he do in class those three days out of the week? If he is doing the same thing in class as he is doing out of class online what is the point in even going to class. I think there should be a balance. I think the three days in class and the two days online are great, But on the days when the students are in class that's when lectures or discussions should be going on.


In the video A 7th Graders Personal Learning Environment, a 7th grade science student is sharing how her (PLE) is set up and what she uses it for. She seemed very excited to share how she finds her information and how she shares it with other people. She talks about how it benefits her in having all these different learning outlets. She also states that even though some social networking cites can be distracting it gives her the freedom to learn what she wants when she wants. Our (PLN) isn't much different. We are open to many cites in order to collect the best information. We are able to connect with other students and people who are interested in the same things. It gives us the opportunity to hear other ideas about a certain subject, that we might not hear other wise.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blog Post #5

jungle school
If I Built A school
In Krissy Venosdale's blog Venosdale's blog She writes a post about If I build a school. She states that this is a dream in the very begging so you know its going to be out there. In her post she talks about her school as if it is almost magical. A place where students can come to learn and that is the main priority. She embraces the idea of a comfy area that kids can go to in order to think and explore their creative side. The library would have a tree house with lights so that the kids can read in it, there would be a massive fish tank in the school with places for the kids to sit and feel surrounded by water. The biggest thing that stood out in her dream to me was when she said,"Curriculum would be a loose road map based on standards that’s traveled through". As crazy as her dream was its really not that far from what kids need. School is getting so main stream that the system is not taking the time to let kids learn. I hope to see her dream become reality.

If I Could Build A School

I never actually sat down to think about something like this before. If I could build a school, The school day would be split. The first part of the day the kids can choose to learn whatever they want. Then the second part we would go along with the curriculum, the curriculum would be more of a guide line then anything. Students will still be able to use their imagination and creativity. There would be no regulations on what kids should be learning. They would be provided with whatever type of technology they needed. The school would literally be theirs. If they wanted to build a giant rock wall because that is what they are passionate about then the school would provide it. No limitations.

Virtual Choir

Words cant describe how cool that was. That was all put together from different youtube video's. Its amazing how something so beautiful can be put together and sound so great when the singers have never met each other,and its all due to the fact that technology brought that amazing video together.

Teaching In The 21st Century

In Kevin Roberts Video , He Talks all about how technology is taking over. I completely agree with him, students are open to all sorts of technology and are practically learning how to use it on their own. We as teacher should help our students and push them to use technology more efficiently and show them how it can help them stay plugged in to learning and school. I believe students will enjoy it. They are growing up in a technology boom, and teaching them how to properly use technology to benefit them will give them a leg up as they move forward.

Flipping The Classroom

I could see myself using this in my classroom. Its a great idea that does exactly what they say. It allows slower students the time they need to learn the information and gives the more advanced students the opportunity to challenge their minds and move ahead. The best thing it creates is discussion time and actual learning in the class room.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Project #3 C4T #1

Summary Of Teachers Blog #1

Dylan Blain is the teacher that I was assigned to. In the first blog of his that I read he talks about Edmodocon. A type of conference that brings social media interfaces especially devised for educators. At the conference he learned about a app called coaches eye. It allows students or athletes to capture footage of whatever they are doing and get feedback on it from the coaches. He explains how to install and use the app effectively.

Summary of comment #1

You did a amazing job on explaining this. I think this is a great tool that can be used in any sport. It allows the kids to be able to see what they did and as coaches we are able to point out what was good and what was bad. Thank you for sharing about this.

Summary Of Teachers Blog #2

In his second post he talked about a cricket scoring app. He explains how you can keep score on it throughout the game then at the end it will crunch the players stats together, such as run rates,manhattans, wagon wheels, and Strike rates.

Summary of Comment #2

Great post. you gave clear information about the app. and what all it can do. It is so cool to see technology come over into the sport’s world to help keep scores and records of games.

Blog Post #4


What I learned From the three exerts is, making a pod cast will actually be really fun. When the first graders started doing theirs they wanted it to be perfect. The project really got them engaged. I found that putting little things in the audio helps people listening keep their place in the conversation or story. Also while making a pod cast we need to be aware of our voices the tone, pitch, and volume.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Special Blog Post #1

The population of the United States is 309 million people. The population of India is 1.21 billion people. The population of China is 1.35 billion people. These stats are from 2010 I am sure that the populations of these three countries have increased some what. I wasn't surprised by these stats because I knew that china would have the largest population. That explains why there are more English speaking chines then there are English speaking Americans, its due to China's massive population.
In the first search I compared Florida and Alabama. I found that Alabama joined the Union December 14, 1819, And Florida Joined the Union March 3, 1845. Florida has a population of 19.06 million people and Alabama has a population of 4.803 million people. Florida's population is steadily increasing. Florida also has more people per square mile then Alabama.
The second thing I compared was apples to oranges. I found that apples have 91 calories and oranges have 71 calories. So oranges would be better to eat if you are on a low calorie diet. They both have zero fat, but oranges have more protein in them then apples.
WolframeAlpha is a great tool that can be used in the classroom. It will allow my students to find statistical data on just about anything in the world. On certain projects my students will have to come up with numbers of populations and this will be a excelent source i can let them in on so they can find their data. It will benefit me as a teacher because it will help me with my lessons. If I dont have the answer to a question that a student ask or if I'm curious I can go to the website and look it up.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count
I was astonished at how fast the numbers grew in just the few second I had been on the site. Its kinda hard to comprehend how much technology is being used. For me as a teacher it once again drives home the point that if technology is being used this much now imagine what its going to be like for my students. In a way its kinda impossible to imagine it. It really shows me that if I am going to be a effective teacher I am going to have to stay up to speed with the latest forms of technology. If I choose not to stay up to date I might as well go ahead and shoot myself in the foot, Because I wont be doing myself any good and im surely not going to be doing my student any good.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blog Post #3

peer editing

The classmate that I had did a amazing job. She was very clear with her grammar and ideas. For that reason I chose to comment publicly on her post. In the video and slide show that we were assigned to watch really explained what it meant to really peer edit someones paper. I got a huge kick out of watching the little kids, even though it was over exaggeration.
They bring to light a good point. You have to find that balance of being helpful but not to the extent of humiliating the persons or making them feel bad about themselves. I think the C4C is a good assignment because it gives us the practice to see and know when you should comment publicly or privately through email. As a teacher we will have to grade students papers and we have to know how to do that effectively without killing the students passion for trying and putting effort into their work.

Assistive Technologies

The mountbatten is a awesome machine that allows visually impaired or blind students participate in class assignments. Its very advanced in the fact that it can receive and transfer information to and from a computer. this allows the teacher to see how the student is doing and keep it on file. It also printed out what the student is typing so they are able the read their own work.
The main point I believe they were trying to make is that with technology it allows people with disabilities to stay right there with people without. technology has come so far and basically you could say it evens the playing field. I had no idea that my iPad had the voice over feature, i am sure i will be playing with that for a while. I would love to challenge my students to use it for a day.

Harness Your Students' Digital

In the video the teacher has a curriculum to teach but she is changing it to where her students get the most out of it. She is connecting her student to other students around the world. The principle on the film even stated that they are as rural as it gets. Im sure without their teacher they would never dream of doing the things the are doing.
I hope that I as a teacher can inspire and connect my students as well as she has.I plan on connecting my students with other student as a project and have them come together on something while they are worlds apart. I think it will be a amazing learning experience for them.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Project #2 Wordle

Blog Post #2

Did You Know

In today's society as technology becomes more advanced society becomes more dependent on that technology. In the video it gives facts, facts that clearly state that other countries are becoming more educated with the technology of today. China is the country that is becoming the most educated, I believe the reason for that is because their whole society is based around technology. Technology is becoming more advanced every second and more people are starting to rely on it to complete daily tasks.
Its our duty as teachers to prepare our students to become a productive member of society. In order to do that we must stay up to date on the latest forms of technology and teach our students how to use them, how it applies to daily life, and how it benefits them. In order to do that we must teach ourselves and become masters of technology so to speak, then pass it on to our students.

Mr.Winkle Wakes

Mr.Winkle Wakes is a video that talks about a man who has been asleep for a hundred years. He wakes and sees how everything has changed. He goes to a office building and sees people talking to other people on screens halfway around the world. He goes to a hospital and sees machines breathing for people and x-rays of people. This is to much for him to take so he is tries to find a place that he can rest and gather his thoughts. He goes to a school and is put at ease when he is surrounded by things that he finds familiar. He thinks to himself nothing has changed. The students still take notes and listen to teachers and sit for hours.He then notices a computer in the back of the room with dust on it.
The video clearly shows how schools are stuck in their ways of doing things. In the real world, technology is being used in every job there is. We as teachers have to incorporate technology into our class rooms in order to give our students the best chance possible of becoming a productive member in society. If we stick to the old routine of school our students will be at a disadvantage in the long run.
In the future, schools will have to use more and more technology. It wouldn't surprise me if students had to have a I- Pad or some kind of tablet. I believe if schools are going to graduate successful students then they must start using more technology. If they don't they are just setting their students up to fail.

The Importance of Creativity

Ken Robinson talks about how schools are killing the creative process in kids. He relates it to strip mining the earth for a certain resource. Mr.Robinson points out how after a while schools only focus on one side of the brain. They have this idea of bringing students up to perform a certain task, in doing this they are killing the creative region of the brain. Students then are pushed away from following their passions and in turn do not put forth the effort they would doing something they love.
Watching the video gets me excited to teach. I couldn't help but to think, how can I help change the school I am in. What clubs or organizations can I start in order to work the creative part of students and help the pursue the things they love.


Pinterest could be useful because my students and I could get on it and come up with class projects to do. I believe that students who have input in the activities they are asked to do are more likely to put their best effort into it. It would benefit me as a teacher because it will bring out my creative side enhancing my abilities as a teacher and instructor.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blog Post #1

About Me

My name is Stephen Alexander. I'm from Mobile Alabama and have lived here my whole life. My parents Jeff and Donna Alexander are both from Montgomery Alabama. They moved to Mobile in 1985 because of my dads job and have lived here ever since. My major interests could be narrowed down to three things, being active, enjoying the beach, and mission trips.
I attended the University of Southern Miss for two years, then decided to take a semester off and come back home and attend South Alabama. I choose to go into education because I enjoy making a impact on the youth in our society. Plus I promised my mom that I would get a degree. My heart is for missions, I travel to Guatemala twice a year and work at a orphanage that has over 500 kids living there. I hope to move there one day and do missions full time.

In The Future

In my future class room I think I will teach with a mixture of hands on and verbal instruction,in order to help every student understand the material. I personally understand things better when they are hands on, on the other hand other kids do better with verbal instructions. Teaching with a mixture of the two will help every student in my class succeed and ultimately retain the information.I am a laid back individual who enjoys a good joke. My teaching style will be fun and free flowing. I'm not one to take life too seriously. Do not look at that and think that I do not expect the very best out of my students, because I will, I just want my class to be enjoyable and interesting.
My students will be expected to learn the information by first reading the assigned chapter and in addition the completion of the vocabulary words. This will give the students a foundation for understanding the material. Second, my students will be exposed to videos material that applies to and supports the course of instruction. The last thing I will do is assign projects for them to complete,something that will enhance the lesson and take a little work on the part of the student.
I will be teaching social science, so that could deal with anything from history to a psychology. I will be dealing with grades nine through twelve. I know I will have my work cut out for me. At that age they believe they already know everything, and its cooler not to care than to put effort into schoolwork. That is why I will have a free flowing class that is fun and interesting and its cooler to put effort into my class then to just sit there and do nothing.

Time Management Video

I learned from this video that its better to eat the biggest frog first. What I believe he is saying that its better to knock out the hardest part of something than to start with the easiest. Put the bulk of your energy into what's the hardest for you. I also learned that you should think about why you are doing something and how this can help you. To often I find myself looking at school work as a negative. When I start to look at it as a positive and start thinking about how this is helping me I understand how this will be beneficial for me in the future. I then find myself enjoying the whole process.